Working At The Loft

We create office, retail and leisure space that's design led, people driven and socially responsible
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What we offer

Our space provides entrepreneurial women with monthly membership access to our coworking space.

We offer everything you need in a coworking space: Choose your desk, use our high-speed WiFi, and make the most of our Skype booths and meeting rooms.

We strongly believe community is the key to success and that’s why we host weekly events and offer yoga classes so we can build a solid foundation. 

High-Speed WiFi

Super fast Wifi and we even installed boosters to ensure your mobile gets a great signal, too.

Skype Booths and Meeting Rooms

Have privacy for your calls in our Skype Booths or reserve a meeting room.

Shared Work Spaces

Sit down at our spacious desks and get to work. In case you need a break, tea and coffee are also available.

On-Site Yoga Classes

You can choose between morning yoga to set yourself up for the prefect working day or evening classes to relax before going home.

Weekly Speakers and Events

We host events every Wednesday. Topics range from business tips and tricks to mental health.

Beauty Essentials

Get yourself refreshed after a yoga class or during the day before an important meeting.

What our members say…

“Until I worked at The Loft, I never knew what my optimal working environment was. Having such a versatile working space with coffee and tea facilities and the gentle background buzz of music is a very motivating atmosphere for me. 


“Working at The Loft has completely changed my work day for the better. There’s a great community here, so even though I work remotely from my colleagues, I still have a nice bunch to chat with throughout the week. ” 


Are you interested in making The Loft your coworking space?