Welcome To The Loft

Your Female-Only Coworking Space

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurial women with an inspiring place to pursue their dreams while building a community.

We were designed by women for women.

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What we offer

Our space provides entrepreneurial women with monthly membership access to our coworking space.

We offer everything you need in a coworking space: Choose your desk, use our high-speed WiFi, and make the most of our Skype booths and meeting rooms.

We strongly believe community is the key to success and that’s why we host weekly events and offer yoga classes so we can build a solid foundation. 

Working Spaces

If you’re looking for a new way to work, whether to escape the distractions of the home office or to find a new community of like-minded women, the Loft offers facilities for women who are remote workers, launching a start-up, or passionately growing their own businesses.

We believe in the power of community and women empowering women.


Community is very important to us. That’s why we offer weekly workshops with topics from growing your business to your mental health while running your business. Furthermore, as a full member, you can join our yoga classes and get yourself in the right frame of mind for your work.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Recent surveys and research suggest people are more productive and creative when working from a coworking space. With reduced distractions, a collective mindset, and preferred on-site amenities all contributing to a collaborative workspace, workers can typically work better and enjoy their work more in a coworking environment than in other working arrangements.

Our Memberships start from £150 a month.

Yoga Classes At The Loft

Yoga is a practice of the mind and body, and it brings about health and happiness benefits through its direct influence on our nervous system.

For us, yoga provides a retreat from our chaotic and busy lives.

Workshops At The Loft

We want to support each other and grow. That’s why we offer all kinds of workshops for you. You can learn how to reduce your stress levels, how to streamline your processes and so much more.

What our members say…

“Light, airy, smart, spacious, and stylish (plus speedy WiFi, free tea and coffee, and great company!). I love the Yoga classes and monthly events. This makes it much more than just a co-working space.” 


Really friendly atmosphere that has helped me massively in my new remote working role. The office space feels relaxed and welcoming which helps daily to feel part of a community. 
I couldn’t recommend this co-working space enough!